Spanish for foreign students

Spanish courses in Narón, A Coruña, Galicia


Galicia is the most western part of Spain and also known as the emerald of Spain. Galicia is home to green, lush mountains with spectacular scenery. In addition, Galicia is host to the most beautiful beaches of Spain covering 1,600 km of Coast.There are only few places in Europe where you can find wild horses, wild cows, wild boar, deer, and wolves roaming in the countryside.

Galicia is popular for its cuisine of varied dishes ranging from traditional Tortilla Espanola to the best fish in Europe.Santiago de Compostela and the Tower of Hercules are famous sightseeing attractions that you can find near to our center.Several ancient cultures left their mark on Galicia such as the Celts and Romans which makes Galicia very interesting to explore and stay.